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CBD, Nano-emulsion & Why it Matters

OUIDE Wellness CBD Oil

CBD when extracted from the cannabis plant prefers to mix with fat than water, which is why it is usually offered in the form of an oil. Unfortunately however, oral CBD (swallowed vs. taken sublingually) has very low bioavailability meaning only a small fraction of cannabinoids will make it to the bloodstream. Nano-technology is a game-changer for CBD because it can help provide higher potency and faster onset at lower doses.

Nano-emulsions are manufactured to improve the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The main difference between emulsion and nano-emulsion is the size and shape of particles created in the process. Nano-emulsion creates much smaller particles which makes it easier for the body to absorb, and therefore can provide therapeutic effects at lower doses.

These differing technologies are one of the reasons why not all CBD oils are created equal. At OUIDE our proprietary lab uses nanotechnology with our full-spectrum CBD to create the foundation of all our products. The nano-emulsion process allows us to offer more precise dosing and higher absorption levels than products not made through a nano-emulsification process. Smaller particles mean more absorption and better therapeutic results. Try our RELIEVE+ Healing Oil which can be taken orally for therapeutic relief, or used topically for skin irritation and inflammation.



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