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CBD Topicals for Skin & Beauty

OUIDE Wellness CBD ILLUMINE Face Serum

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound produced by cannabis and hemp plants. CBD doesn’t make you high (that is THC’s job) but it does provide noted medicinal benefits when ingested or applied externally to the skin.

When applied topically (on top of the skin's surface) CBD is most popularly used for managing pain and inflammation beneath the surface. More recently however, those same anti-inflammatory properties are being recognized for their benefits in beauty and skin products as well.

While research is ongoing and we’re still learning more about what CBD can do, studies suggest CBD can help balance out various bodily systems, including our skin which may have an endocannabinoid system of its own (see this analysis published in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences.)

This type of study on CBD along with anecdotal evidence suggest that high quality CBD-rich products can be helpful in improving skin conditions like acne by helping reduce redness and swelling. CBD’s anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory qualities may also help reduce the appearance of scarring caused by inflammation.

When looking for CBD beauty products be sure to pick cannabinoid-rich oils with botanicals that work naturally with the skin like our OUIDE ILLUMINE serum. ILLUMINE is a blend of full-spectrum CBD and CBG healing oil combined with other natural botanicals like rose hip oil and lavender oil. ILLUMINE is formulated with carefully-curated, sustainably-sourced botanicals and high concentrations of CBD & CBG to enhance CBD’s mission of calming, soothing, and brightening the skin.



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