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Top Questions

How do I become a OUIDE site member? 

Simply sign up on our website.

When will my package arrive? 

You can follow your package on the Canada Post website by adding your tracking number provided in the confirmation email.


What are the risks of taking too much? 

The risks associated with taking too much cannabis can also produce unwanted effects which includes anxiety or fear, nausea, lowered concentration and reaction time. 

Where do you ship? 

We ship anywhere in Canada with Canada Post.


Do you offer free shipping? 

Free Shipping is offered on orders over $250 when you use promo code: FreeShipping

Do you lab test your products? 

All our products are 3rd party independently lab tested and available for viewing to our site members. 


Can I take cannabis if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding? 

No amount of cannabis is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Product Questions


Dosage:  What do the ratios mean? 

The ratios indicate the amount of THC to CBD in any given product. e.g. Uplift+ Gummy Tablet has 25mg of cannabinoids in it with an 8:1 ratio of THC to CBD (or 22mg of THC and 3mg of CBD).  Learn more about our products and dosing here.


How long do the edibles and topicals last before they go bad? 

Our Edibles and Topicals are formulated to last 3 months.


Where are your products made? 

Our products are all made in our facility located in the Okanagan B.C. , Canada.


How do I store the edibles to keep them fresh? 

Store your Edibles in a cool dark place or in the fridge upon opening.


Do you test any of your products on animals? 

We only test our products on ourselves.


What do you use as a carrier oil? 

MCT (Fractionated Coconut Oil) without question, is one of the most popular and most versatile. The coconut oil itself adds almost no flavour or smell, which makes it perfect for tinctures. The oil is made up of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which can be absorbed into the body with ease. The oil itself is 90% saturated fat, which makes it a phenomenal cannabinoid carrier. While this may not sound like a benefit, the fact that the oil itself is made of MCTs ensures that the fatty acids are metabolized directly by the liver. MCTs benefits include; Lowering cholesterol and blood sugar, improves brain function in people with Alzheimer's, assists in burning fat and reducing hunger. Other chemical components of MCTs include Caproic Acid (C6), Caprylic Acid (C8), and Capric Acid (C10) fatty acids. 



How do I change or cancel my order? 

Changes to your order can be made by emailing Customer Service at 

What is your return policy? 

Please refer to our return policy here.

I need my order fast! Can I pay for expedited shipping? 

Yes, simply request a quote from our Customer Service team.

Do you need a medical marijuana card or prescription to place an order? 

A medical marijuana card is recommended however not necessary. We can make a clinic recommendation upon request.

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