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Cloudy Gummy's

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hello from the Ouide Lab!

We wanted to inform you about a recent discovery with our last batches of Gummy Tablets.

Thank you to a loyal customer for bringing it to our attention! Here's what's happened;

Due to supply chain issues we were forced to use a (4x's) larger oxygen absorbing pack (pictured below), in our last batch. This is the little square pack placed inside each gummy pack to help keep our gummy's beautifully clear and yummy. We discovered that the larger square O2 pack is drawing out any air in the gummy tablet causing it to go cloudy....Science!

If you have received a package appearing like this, not all are, we recommend taking out the O2 pack, pulling them apart and placing them in the fridge. We want to assure you that these are safe to eat and still as effective. We will be receiving the correct packs shortly and will have these in our next batches.

If you feel that your recent order was affected by this, please send us a email and we would be happy to send you a discount code to use with your next order.

Much Love

The OUIDE Fam.



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