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A Beginners Guide to Ouide

Whether you are new to cannabis, or just new to Ouide, this guide is here to help you get the most out of your experience. Ouide edibles and topicals are made only with the highest quality full-spectrum CBD. All of our products are customized for you and what you do - colour coded and precisely dosed to make it easy to find the right fit for your desired outcome. Do you need help sleeping, or some support getting through the day? Are you recovering from an injury, or do you struggle with chronic illness? Are you looking to relieve stress and anxiety, or to reduce inflammation after workouts? Each Ouide product is carefully crafted in our lab to give you a precise and consistent result every single time.

Our 6 lines of colour coded edibles are formulated to deliver the right mix of full spectrum CBD and THC in varying doses depending on your tolerance and the outcome you’re looking for.


Our Relax line will help you do exactly that - relax. Formulated with a mix of full spectrum CBD and indica THC, Relax is for those who struggle with sleep or pain. When combined with a calming nightly routine, this line helps relax an overactive mind and soothe tense or sore muscles. The 8:1 THC:CBD ratio acts as an advanced pain reliever with the synergistic benefits that THC and CBD provide together.


Like Relax, Harmony is also made with indica THC and full-spectrum CBD. However, the lower 4:1 THC:CBD ratio of Harmony results in milder psychoactivity which minimizes THC’s unwanted side effects, producing a calming sensation and sometimes even arousing properties. Harmony is great for insomnia, chronic pain, and migraines, and can increase mindfulness and promote restoration.


The Relieve line is intended for proactive cannabinoid therapy and is recommended for daily, whole body wellness. This line is almost entirely CBD/CBG with no THC (we do leave in a fractional amount of THC to help activate the CBD for maximum benefit). The Relieve line is specially formulated to help reduce inflammation and anxiety, increase focus and improve recovery, with no psychoactive effects.


Is your Endocannabinoid System in Balance? This line is sativa-dominant which makes it a mood enhancer, as well as anti-inflammatory with a calming sensation, helping get your mind and body back in balance. This line is 4:1 CBD:THC, can target auto-immune conditions, and is an effective solution for those suffering with IBS and anxiety.


This line is named after the Entourage Effect, which describes how THC, CBD, and other naturally occurring components in cannabis (cannabinoids like CBN, CBC, CBG, and terpenes) all work together to create a desired effect. The idea is that these components have an interactive synergy which makes them more effective together than each individual component would be on their own. Entourage edibles are even parts 1:1 CBD:THC with a hybrid of indica & sativa. Benefits include increased focus, improved recovery, and relief from PTSD, migraines, and muscle fatigue.


The Uplift line is designed to do exactly what it says - uplift, and provide maximum benefits.

Its sativa characteristics have anti-anxiety, and antidepressant properties which increase focus, creativity, and serotonin which is ideal for day time use. These 8:1 THC:CBD edibles have energizing cerebral effects and are suitable for physical activity, social gatherings, creative projects or as part of your daily cannabinoid therapy routine.


All Ouide edibles are available in a range of doses, either as a Pastille (micro-dose), Gummy (medium-dose) or Pill (highest dose).

Two Easy Steps:

  1. Pick your colour based on desired outcome.

  2. Pick your dose based on experience and tolerance.


We also carry our proprietary high quality full-spectrum CBD oil on it's own. Relieve+ Healing Oil is the foundation of all other Ouide products, incorporating CBG and other beneficial naturally occurring cannabinoids. This oil can be used topically or taken orally to target auto-immune conditions, pain, inflammation, bacterial infections, IBS, anxiety, Crohn's, and more. It can also be used as part of a proactive daily wellness routine. We recently added Recovery Mending Oil to our store which is the same high quality oil as Relieve+, but in a stronger formulation with a higher percentage of THC. Our popular Relief CBD Roll-On can be applied topically to help minimize headaches, arthritis, soft tissue injuries, joint and muscle pain, PMS, inflammation, and soothe skin problems.

As with all cannabis products, start low and go slow, adjusting dosage as needed. If you are taking other medications be sure to talk to your doctor first to avoid any unwanted interactions. Most importantly, Ouide is meant as part of an overall wellness routine. Don’t forget to drink water, find space in your day to meditate and breathe (no matter how busy you are - 5 minutes of intentional breathing does wonders), and always be mindful of taking care of your mental and physical health.



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